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About Dr. Andrew Joyce

Dr. Andrew Joyce is a former two-time NCAA Championship Lacrosse player that works exclusively with lacrosse teams regarding leadership, sports psychology, and personal development. He was an All- Upstate QB his Jr. Year of football. However that spring, his incredible passion for sports came to an abrupt halt when he was told by his neurologist that he would "never play contact sports again." This came after a serious on field lacrosse collision that caused him to "break" his neck. Not allowing this negative prognosis get in the way of his athletic dreams, he went on to become a high school All-American Lacrosse player while also lettering in Indoor Track, & Cross Country. When he speaks to students about overcoming adversity and being bigger than their problems, they listen because they know he speaks from experience.

Dr. Joyce received certifications in Sports Psychology and Coaching while acquiring his Degree in Physical Education at Syracuse University. He lettered all 4 years at SU on the Lacrosse team, winning two NCAA National Championships. He spent several years coaching and teaching at the high school level before getting his Doctorate as a Chiropractor at Life University just north of Atlanta. There he continued his athletic career playing for the USA team post Olympics. He was the shortest and least experienced player on the USA "Team Handball" squad.

Because he has been blessed with having great mentors and coaches during his athletic and professional career he is especially gifted at understanding blind spots & making distinctions. According to Dr. Joyce perhaps his greatest asset as a coach is that he has always paid attention to the path he has taken in order to be a blessing to those that will follow a similar path. His highly experiential courses are some of the most life changing transformational courses offered today. After mentoring in some of the most well respected chiropractic clinics in the world he ran two of his own Chiropractic wellness centers for eight years helping 1000's of patients. Dr. Joyce says "In order to get patients to make lifestyle changes, we had to first change their beliefs; because behavior always follows belief systems!" Now he uses similar technologies to help lacrosse teams and has since closed his practice to following his passion for coaching and teaching.

You can contact Dr. Joyce directly @ 201-232-1340 or to set up your free phone consultation.

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