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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to apologize in advance for being vague in my responses below. However, if the solutions where in a google search or a book you probably would have found them by now. The reason our courses are so effective is that the athlete gets to “EXPERIENCE” success in the areas in question below. Next to each question I recommend the course that best applies to each part of the question. However, I want to encourage you that our courses have synergy and that the greatest benefits

Question: Why does my player "play down" when playing against less skilled players.

Answer: When a player is “playing down” a person is playing to the level of competition. The player is not in fact playing their best. They are playing to the competition’s best. So the question is how do we get them to play at their best and that is what our programs will do. I recommend the program Playing Bigger!

Question: Why is my player having problems finishing?

Answer: Finishing is in fact a mental aspect of the game. The player has clearly shown the ability to put the ball in the net in shooting drills. A big problem that many players have is they focus on what they don’t want instead of what they do want. In our introductory program our Secret Psychology of Winning course they will learn to think like winners do, and more importantly like finishers do!

Question: Why is my player "invisible" in big games / during tryouts?

Answer: To get big in big games the obvious solution is "Playing Bigger!” our 3 day program.

Question: Why does little distractions affect his/her performance on the field?

Answer: This is clearly a problem of focus!

Question: How to motivate my child?

Answer: Any parent that has more than 1 child is usually amazed at how vastly different 2 children that come from the same 2 parents can be. The best course for this is Life’s Lasting Purpose. We match motivating styles with experiences that confirm for the student the best way his/her buttons are best pushed. Playinng Bigger is a great course because it goes over 10 ways to work smarter and not harder in school.

Question: Fear of Failure. Overcoming fear.

Answer: Everybody has fears. The great athletes are the ones that don’t let it stop them. This will be handled in both the Secret Psychology of Winning course. The greatest way to overcome your fears is to experience overcoming your fears.

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