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Our Programs and Services

All of our workshops are guaranteed to shift the bell curve of your team from left to the right. Franklin Covey’s group calls this right and tight instead of left and loose!

When that happens, production of your team goes through the roof. 2 very important points to make here:
  1. Buy in is critical to success. Our programs guarantee it.
  2. Remember “Where the mind goes, the body follows!” And the culture and overall current is stronger than any individual. Our programs unify that mindset guaranteed.

Feel free to look through the programs we offer but please take the time to fill out a coaching survey so that we can have one of our representatives help you choose the program(s) that are right for you.

The programs below are set up predominately for teams. However if you are an individual lacrosse player and not a coach please let us know if you and several of your friends are interested and in what town or part of the country you are from. When we have enough interest of more than 20 people within a 2 hour radius we will strongly consider providing a training in a central location. Providing our staff with the contact information of your coaches will be helpful.

Contact us today so that we can make a training a reality for you and your friends in the near future.



Complete Athlete Package

Buy Multiple Programs in advance and save! We also have "At Program Specials" which means we offer greater discounts when you are at our programs.

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If you are interested in any of our programs/services or if you have any questions, please call us at (201) 232-1340 or email us at

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