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Captains Calls

“Captains Calls” Leadership Goals:
  1. Group Calls:

    • Provide Captains with a solid peer network for guidance and support by teaming them up with the other Captains.
    • Provide Captains with ongoing support as they tackle the tough issues of team leadership
    • Systematically provide insights and skills necessary to be a responsible and respected Captain
    • Ensure a solid, cooperative and ongoing partnership with the coaching staff
    • Teach Captains how to gain respect and develop leadership skills with their teammates
    • Encourage Captains to step up and be more vocal on their team

  2. Individual Calls:

    • Help leaders clearly see their strengths and areas to improve by undergoing a 360 Evaluation
    • Develop a comprehensive and customized Leadership Development Plan to maximize strengths and minimize blindspots & weaknesses
    • Build them up as a player and individual so that can lead during obstacles, adversity, and stress
    • Handle self limiting beliefs that prevent them being the best captain they are able to be

Other Side-Benefits:
  • Encourage leaders to apply their leadership skills to impact the campus and community
  • Provide leaders with high level leadership training and experiences that make them highly attractive to interested employers
  • Identify & develop sophomore or juniors with high potential leadership skills to mentor to ensure ongoing leadership within the program


    All of the captains get on weekly multimedia event with skype, webinar or teleconference that has them working together

    As a follow up to the group call we will also provide individualized calls that help them work on their specific challenges.

    They will each have weekly experiential exercises in which to grow from week to week. Each assignment is debriefed on subsequent calls to maximize learning and to ensure accountability. It is not what is learned on the calls but what is learned in between the calls that matter most!

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