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Extreme Makeover Health Edition

Optimize Your Playing By Optimizing Your Health.

Why should you take this workshop???? Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to optimize your lacrosse performance without optimizing your health!!!! PERIOD!

Because your body will not repair from workouts and stay injury free as well if you are not optimizing your health! The single greatest threat to your health is Chronic illness! 80% of the people reading this and 80% of the people you know will die of chronic illness that can be totally preventable. Over ˝ of you reading this are obese or overweight. Less than 3% of people have a lifestyle (eat move and think) in ways that are genetically compatible allowing them to express their potential for health and vitality, for longevity, for quality of life, for energy, for sex drive, & for enjoyment!
  • Are you as healthy and energetic as you want and deserve to be or are you unhealthy and sick and tired?

  • Do you have the body shape and body image that you want or are you overweight and out of shape and unhappy when you look in the mirror?

  • Do you go to bed and fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed and well rested or do you have trouble getting to sleep and wake up tired.

  • Are you happy and relaxed as you want to be or are you stressed out a lot of the time and unhappy?

  • Do you understand what food choices are healthiest? And do you find it easy to make these healthy choices.

  • Do you know what physical activity and exercise patterns that are required to be healthy and well and do you find it easy to maintain those activity patterns.

  • Do you understand how important your thoughts and attitude patterns are in terms of determining your health?

  • Do you fully understand that your thought patterns are your choice and are important for ideal health and optimal performance. And do you find it easy to make good choices in this area?

If you are not answering these questions in the way you want than clearly what you need is change. Lifestyle change! And this course is for you to make a permanent change!

This course is designed for the whole family because the biggest thing a child inherits is their parents lifestyle habits! AND it is very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle when everyone around you is not!

The Solution...

A 4-day retreat, workshop, and bootcamp rolled into 1.

People think they are not as healthy as they can be because of BAD Genes, BAD Germs, or BAD Luck. In this workshop we dispell this victim myth and replace it with facts that serve you better.

The camp is broken into 3 components:

Move Right, Think Right, and Eat Right!

What you will learn during the course of 3 Days:
  • The 3 leading causes of death are in this country, and how to prevent being a statistic!
  • The supplements that almost ALL health and wellness experts agree on are vital for optimal health & performance!
  • The 10 most deadliest foods to avoid like the plague that cause poor performance and poor thinking.
  • 3 secrets on how to lose that last 10 lbs. that you are almost sure to not learn anywhere else.
  • Safe and healthy ways to lift, move, & stretch to ensure lifetime wellness, and athletic longevity.
  • 10 facets of a healthy “Move Right” plan.

We will be discussing health holistically. Mind, soul, body, & spiritually.

During this 4 day camp we are going to be conducting bootcamp to wellness. It is a great opportunity to learn and train with Dr. Andrew Joyce. It is going to be highly interactive.

Dr. Andrew has owned his own wellness clinic for over 7 years and has helped people with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Allergies, Cancer, Diabetes, chronic constipation, headaches and many other muskuloskeletal problems. He has traveled 1000’s of miles each year to learn and teach health. He has studied with and under some of the most well respected wellness doctors in the country.

Who Is This For:
  • Athletes that want to optimize their human performance by being physically, and mentally fit!
  • Athletes that want to get started in weight loss.
  • Athletes that are sick and tired of being on several medications.
  • Athletes that want to train and be part of a group larger than themselves.
  • Athletes who want to be in the best shape of their lives!
  • Athletes who want to be the best they can be.

Where Will It Be: Lake Placid, NY.

When Will It Be Held: Immediately Before or After the Summer Lacrosse Tournament. Date to be announced.

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