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"Andrew, I wanted to share with you some feedback on the impact you and your program have had on our son Christian. As you are aware, Christian was first introduced to you at the LeMoyne lacrosse camp this summer and then again at the SU Lax camp as well. He came home after the LeMoyne camp and was very excited to share his experience listening to your message. He was very much looking forward to hearing it again and more at the upcoming SU camp. My wife and I weren’t sure what to make of his enthusiasm as like most teenagers, what he shared was a bit cryptic outside the fact that what you told the boys was very important and motivating to him. He came home from the SU camp equally enthused and with a sense of determination and direction. When we asked him what he learned, he said, “ I am not going to tell you, just wait and see if you can figure it out in a month or so.”

Fast forward three months – we are well into the first semester of his junior year in high school at Riverwood International Charter school where he takes all Honors and AP level courses and traditionally has a high B to low A grade point average. He came off his spring season as a sophomore on the Varsity lacrosse team. So what did we notice about Christian after several months - his grades had gone up on average by 5-7 points( now maintaining a mid 90s average) with a very tough work load. He applied for and was accepted into the National Honor Society as a junior. His passion, commitment and dedication to improving his lacrosse game had risen tremendously. He was asking me to practice with him daily, he tried out for and earned a spot on a select travel lacrosse team and he was practicing his skills and training every day! His lacrosse skills have improved dramatically. While we noticed these changes and accomplishments, we weren’t sure what had caused or motivated them until……….One day Christian came home from school and asked me to proof read a paper of his that was a project in one of his classes. I read the paper and in it he referenced meeting you and the idea of taking the challenge of facing fears and doing something about them. The two fears Christian chose to face were his grades and his lacrosse skills. I now understood what he was talking about when he said to wait and see if we could see a difference in him and his performance. It was your talk and program that changed him.

Simply put, your program has had an extremely positive effect on Christian. His perspective has changed, his attitude has changed, his actions have changed and his outcomes have changed – all for the better! I apologize for the “ novel “ here but wanted to make you aware of the profound affect you have had on Christian as a young man, a student and an athlete. Thank you for all that you have done for Christian.
Regards,"... - Paul Wendlandt Vice President, SapientNitro

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"You sir are the best. All I want to say is THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS at this time. You have made a dramatic and profound change in my sons life. Thanks Again
"... - Brian (Parent of Building Blocks Lacrosse Elite Player)

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